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Frequently Asked Questions


  Q. How do I Copy/Paste?
There is a difference between browsers when it comes to performing a copy/paste function There are three methods to try which may work well in one browser but not another
 -Right click and select 'copy' on the context menu.
-Use the buttons on the text editor toolbar.
 -Use the keyboard shortcuts:'Ctrl+Insert' / 'Shift+Insert' or 'Ctrl+C' / 'Ctrl+V'

Q.  Why can't I find a student under their school.

A.  It is possible that you are looking for a student that is not yet associated with a school.  Try checking under the district name only to see if you can find them.

Q. What causes most PDF printing problems?
A.  An old version of Adobe Reader can often be the culprit when having problems printing PDF files.  Please download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader from:
You do not need to install anything but the reader (no toolbar extras).  If that doesn't solve your printing problem, then submit an issue using the form at the bottom of this page.

Q. What Internet Browsers work best with 8-scape?
A.  8-scape is tested to work with Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Firefox.  It is a standard web application and should work with most common browsers, but if you are experiencing problems with other browsers please consider converting.

QHow do I spell check?
A spell check feature has been implemented in this version of 8-Scape. To use it, click the 'ABC' button on the bottom right of the new text editor toolbar.  Any misspellings will be underlined in red for you to check and correct.  If you click on the underlined words, some suggestions will be listed.

QCan I use a pop-up blocker?
No. Many components and features in the 8-Scape web program rely on being able to pop-up additional windows. Pop-up blockers can interfere with that functionality. Please disable any pop-up blockers that are in your browser for 8-Scape to function properly.

Q. How do I perform a print screen when an error appears on a page?
A. On a Windows PC, you press the 'Print Screen' button.  Nothing will seem to happen, because it is actually saving the image to a temporary area called your 'clipboard'.  In order to retrieve the image from your clipboard, you need to open a blank word processing document (Word, notepad, WordPad, etc..) and select paste.  This will insert the 'Print Screen' image into the document.  You can then save that file and attach it to e-mails or upload it to the support site using the form below.


Technical Assistance

  Please visit the helpdesk for additional assistance:
8-Scape Helpdesk Request

If you require more immediate assistance, please call Eric at 920-217-6279.